Leigh takes a personal approach to the videos she creates. Since 2005, she has captured the defining moments of live productions such as musical performances, sporting events and weddings. Whether it’s cheering with the parents at the state finals or helping guests find the gift table at a reception, Leigh enjoys engaging with the world that surrounds her camera. Professionally, she places herself in the midst of the action to make sure these once-in-a-lifetime moments are forever captured. Personally, Leigh poses herself always available along the sidelines and becomes, even momentarily, a part of the family.

Leigh comes locally grown from Columbus, Ohio and takes a documentary approach to the city. Whether using her camera for film or photography, she is there to relay the emotion at the finish line of a 100-mile foot race, the well wishes from a best man, or the practiced energy of a live, local show. Her laid back personality makes the candid moments even more true to life as she seeks to tell the story behind the events. It’s not just about winning a game or having the ring on your finger, after all. It’s portraying what went into the years that got you there, what makes you individually the athlete you are, or together the stunning couple you’ve become.